Derhan Tekstil, which enables all its stages of production to be traceable, performs tests in every process of production in physical and quality control laboratory in accordance with international standards, and provides service to its customers. Derhan Tekstil’s production policy is; to serve customers’ requests as quickly as possible with the best quality and reasonable prices and without compromising on environmental conscience.


Derhan Tekstil produces woven fabric in its dye-finish facility having closed area of 5500sqm by benefiting from all opportunities brought by technology. It can produce approximately 10 million meters of fabric in 20-600 denier thickness by using polyester, cotton, polyamide, viscose, tencel,silk,wool and the mixtures of these fibres.

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Derhan Tekstil makes production with its capacity of 550 tons/month in its facility having closed area of 12.500sqm with its latest technology machine park.

Raw fabrics woven in weaving facilities sufficient for large part of its dyeing-finishing capacity are made ready for ready-made garments in different touches from 50gr/sqm to 400gr/sqm.