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Derhan Tekstil

Serbest Tekstil, which was established by M.Lütfi Serbest in 1956 to produce woven fabrics, handed over the flag, that it has carried in the textile industry, to Derhan Tekstil by adding also institutionalization to its rising graphic upon the new generation has taken over of management in the late of 1980s.

Derhan Tekstil is one of the leading companies in Turkey with its production of outerwear for women in its modern factory, which has closed area of 20.000sqm, located in Barakfakih Industrial Zone in Bursa. It is an integrated facility having weaving , dyeing plant and finishing departments.

Derhan Tekstil produces high quality and innovative fabric woven in its facilities from rich mixtures of cotton, viscose, polyester, polyamide, tencel, linen,silk,wool and modal fibers, which are primarily preferred in textile industry.

Derhan Tekstil, which has clinched its position in fabric production in domestic and global markets with both its product quality and product diversity and innovation as well as its rich collection especially for global clothing fashion brands in European market, can produce 10 million meters of fabric a year.

Derhan Tekstil takes firm steps forward to the future in the light of its experience more than half century and its knowledge by being renewed continuously in the direction of its machine park, which is state of the art technology product, and new technological developments.


Being a brand producing quality fabric that is sensitive to human health and environment, and reliable, and focused on customer satisfaction.


Being the number one preference for the brands, that steer world fashion, with our innovations and quality.